Jake and his pal Bud’s journey begins six months after he is released on parole and is occasioned when his girlfriend Donna dumps him and aborts their child.After an aborted suicide attempt where the Nerelco shaver cord he used to hang himself broken,on an impulse the source of the title;everything in Jake’s life happens “just like that “- he calls p Bud, who lives by the same credo,and the two take off with no particular destination in mind.They’re just going “south”-somewhere it’s warm.An hour before they leave,Jake on another impulse,holds up a convenience store to set some travelling money,ultimately,they end up in New Orleans and then Lake Charles,Louisiana and from there,back to Indiana.Along the way are many “watercooler”moments,such as when an inmate sinks a meat cleaver into another inmate’s blue -clad stomach,a physical encounter with two rednecks in Kentucky where Bud shoots one of the men,and the bullet bouncing harmlessly off the man’s thick skull,Jake’s ongoing romance with Donna,the funeral of Jake’s father which he attends with a whore,multiple burglaries,armed robberies,a brief affair with a black woman,and an adventure with a drunk santa clause.Near the end Jake takes another fall when he is caught burglarizing a bar back in Ft.Wayne,Indiana and gets shot in the leg and is returned to pendleton where he kills the inmate he’d had a nasty philosophy of life undergoes a sea change and he come up with this


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