Sarah Reese,the teenage daughter of a powerful Washington,D.C. judge,is dead,her body discovered in a slum in the shadow of the capitol.Though the police promptly arrest three local black kids,newspaper reporter Sully Carter suspects there’s more to the case.Reese’s slaying might be related to a string of cold cases the police barely investigated,among them the recent disappearance of a gorgeous university student.

A journalist brought home from war-torn Bosnia and hobbled by loss,rage,and alcohol,Sully encounters a city rife with its own brand of treachery and intrigue.Weaving through D.C.’s broad evenues and shady backstrets on his Ducati 916 motorcycle,Sully comes to know not just the city’s pristine monuments of power but the blighted neibourshoods beyond the reath of the Metro.With the city clamoring for a conviction,Sully persues the truth about the murders-all against pressure from government official,police brass,suspicious locals,and even his own bosses at the paper.A wry,street-smart hero with a serious problem,Sully delves into a deeply layered mystery,revealing vivid portraits of the corridors of power to D.C.’s seedy underbelly,where violence and corruption reign supreme and where Sully must confront the back-breaking line between what you think and what you know,and what you know and what you can print.



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