A towering legend among New York Private equity partnerships,Everest Capital is aptly named.When it’s founder meets an untimely death,thirty-six-year old superstar Christian Gillette gets the top job.But with the power and prestige comes risks.The day he narrowly escapes a fiery explosion that consumes his limo and takes two innocent lives,Gillette instantly understands how intense those risks are.It comes as no surprise to him that he has enemies in the world of multibillion dollar deals.

But now that he controls Everest,he’s not going to let those enemies keep him from taking the firm and himself to even greater heights.Gillette has never hesitated to be aggressive even ruthless,in his pursuit of success.This time will be no exception.But in order to forge the alliances necessary to achieve his goals,Gillette forsakes a cardinal rule: Never Trust Anyone.The only certainties are the insidious campaign of corporate sabotage that could cost him his life.

To break a deadly conspiracy of greed,he’ll be forced to walk-then-run an ever blurring line between loyalty and betrayal,attack and retreat,survival and destruction……in the ultimate game of profit and loss.



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