Allison Taylor MacKenna feels as though she’s awakened at last from a ten-year-long nightmare.But her darkest hour has yet to come . . .

Nestled in the warm,domestic cocoon of loving husband and family,Allison finally feels safe unaware that a stranger’s brutal murder on a Caribbean island is the first step in an intricate plan to destroy everything in her life.For seasoned NYPD Detective Rocky Manzillo,the signs are clear that something terrible has emerged from the shadows:a murder victim left without a face and a faded photograph that yields a startling connection.Now,as Allison’s murky memories of a troubled childhood creep back to light,a cunning predator who shares her history prepares to enact a horrifying retribution and won’t stop killing until Allison faces a shocking truth….and pays the ultimate price.



Recommendation: http://www.wendycorsistaub.com

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