A ship wreck. Dozens of bodies washed ashore
Clear evidence that evil has made port in London.
The horrific case piques the interest of P.I.Lorne Simpkins.It doesn’t take long before Lorne learns that young,helpless women are being caged and sold to the wealthy and salacious.Old wounds are wrenched open when she suspects a cover-up by the very authorities that should be keeping lawful order.Can she trust the self-serving journalist bent on making the human-trafficking ring his next big story? When her daughter is involved in a life-threatening accident,it’s difficult for Lorne to keep her head in the game.But Lorne and her ex-MI6 husband,Tony,are determined to end the repulsive slave trade and bring the criminals to justice even if it means Lorne ends up locked in a cage herself.




Gone doesn’t mean forgotten.

When Alice Salmon died last year,the ripples were felt in the news,on the internet,and in the hearts of those who knew her best.But the person who knows her most intimately isn’t family or a friend.Dr Jeremy Cook is an academic whose life has become about piecing together Alice’s existence in all its flawed and truthful reality.For Cooke,faithfully recreating Alice’s life through her diaries,emails and anything using her voice is all-consuming.He does not know how deep his search will take him,or the shocking nature of what he will uncover… 




Death Trip By Lee Weeks

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But it became a journey into hell…

Paradise has become a nightmare.Five young voluntary workers on a once in a lifetime gap year in Thailand have vanished into thin air.Entire villages lie ransacked,their people brutally murdered.Meanwhile,in Hong Kong,troubled detective Johnny Mann is haunted by personal demons,including the unsolved murder of his father.Trying to pick up the pieces of his life,he receives a desperate plea for help from a woman in Amsterdam a woman who claims to have known his father years before.Hoping to unravel the mystery shrouding his father’s death,Mann agrees to go undercover and search for the five missing teenagers,one of whom is the woman’s 18 year old son,Jake.And Mann’s secret brother….From the carefree beaches of Thailand to the labyrinthine streets of Amsterdam,nothing is as it seems as Mann is plunged into conspiracy and peril and pitted against pure evil.





Death Benefit By Robin Cook

Pia Grazdani is an exceptional yet aloof medical student working closely with Columbia University Medical Center’s premier scientist on cutting edge research that could revolutionize healthcare by creating replacement organs for critically ill  patients.Through her work with the brilliant molecular geneticist Dr. Tobias Rothman,Pia knows she will be given the chance to fulfill her ambition to participate in medical discoveries that can help millions while bringing her a measure of personal peace that might once and for all push aside memories of her difficult and abusive childhood.          

 But when tragedy strikes in the lab,Pia,with the help of infatuated classmate George Wilson,must investigate an unforeseen calamity in the hospital’s supposedly secure biosafety lab.Meanwhile,two ex-Wall Street whiz-kids think they have found another loadstone in the nation’s multi trillion-dollar life insurance industry.They race to find ways to control actuarial data and securitize the policies of the aged and infirm to make another killing.As Pia and George dig deeper into the events at the lab,one question remains unanswered:Is someone attempting to manipulate private insurance information to allow investors to benefit from the deaths of others?




An Ewe engineer who couldn’t find a job decided to to open a clinic and puts up a sign outside that reads: GET TREATMENT FOR GH.¢20 IF NOT CURED GET BACK GH.¢100.A lawyer thinks this is a great opportunity to earn GH.¢100 and goes to the clinic.

Lawyer: I have lost my sense of taste.

Ewe man: Nurse,bring medicine from box no 22 and put 3 drops in patient’s mouth.

Lawyer: Ugh.. this is kerosine

Ewe man: congrats,your sense of taste is restored.Give me GH.¢20.The annoyed lawyer goes back after a few days to recover his money…

Lawyer: I have lost my memory.I cannot remember anything.

Ewe man: Nurse,bring medicine from box no 22 and put 3 drops in his mouth.

Lawyer: ( annoyed): This is kerosine.You gave this to me last time for restoring my taste.

Ewe man: congrats,you got your memory back.Give me GH.¢20.The fuming lawyer pays him and then goes back a week later determined to get back GH.¢100.

Lawyer: my eyesight has become very weak.

Ewe man: Well,i don’t have any medicine for that,so take this GH.¢100.

Lawyer: ( staring at the note ),But this is GH.¢20,not GH.¢100.

Ewe man: congrats,your eyesight is restored. Give me GH.¢20.

You can’t beat an Ewe Man!


A lady walked into a pet,demanding for a parrot.                                                                                    The owner: “we have two kinds: one repeats everything you say and the other thinks for itself !”      “i think i’ll like the one that thinks for itself !”,replied the lady.The owner brought out her choice and told her to quiz the parrot. ” How do i look?’,asked the lady. ” Like a prostitute !” replied the parrot. ” This parrot is rude: I won’t buy it”,said the lady. Please give me a moment!”,replied the owner as he walked towards the backyard with the parrot.He dipped the parrot into a bucket full of water and warned the parrot: “If you are rude to that lady one more time i will drown you in this bucket!” When the man came back to the counter he told the lady: Now ask the parrot anything you wish and i assure you that he will be polite”.


Lady: if i come home at night with a man,what’ll you call this man?

Parrot: your husband.

Lady: good! what if i come home with two men?

Parrot: your husband and your in-law.

Lady: good! good!! What if i come home with three men?

Parrot: your husband,your in-law and your brother.

Lady: gooooood! what if i come home with four men?

The parrot looked back at the owner and said: please go and drown me,I said it earlier that this woman is a prostitute!.


The killer strikes in plain sight . . . but you’ll never see it coming.

The mutilation murder of a young college professor paralyzes a tiny Georgian community.This hideous crime is the worst thing small-town pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton has ever seen but only when the autopsy is complete is the intricate,terrible genius of a profoundly twisted psychopath truly revealed.As Sara’s ex-husband Heartsdale police chief Jeffrey Tolliver pursues an elusive fiend,Lena Adams the victim’s sister and the county’s only female detective swears she’ll have her personal vengeance.But their worst fears are realized by the macabre crucifixion of a second local woman: there is a serial slayer in their midst,one whose identity is hidden somewhere in Sara Linton’s secret past.And this killer has no intention of stopping… and will not be stopped.



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It’s August in the long,hot summer of 1995 and Jo Devereux can’t believe that she still hasn’t returned home to San Francisco,though the time for her to have her baby draws near.Why is she staying on in Ireland,in this crumbling shed at the edge of the ocean?

Jo has spent months writing about her great-uncle death at the hands of Dan O’Donovan but now she is brought to consider just who led Dan to his grisly murder,by suffocation in Mucknamore’s notorious sinking sands.Was her beloved granny Peg really capable of luring him out there in revenge for the killing of her brother? Or perhaps for more intimate reasons? Or was her grandmother,as Jo would like to believe,innocent of all? Combing family letters and diaries for what has gone unsaid,Jo is unprepared for her reaction,as Civil War reaches its peak and she comes to realise the price she,and her people,had to pay for freedom.But what does it mean for her relationship with Rory,Dan’s great-nephew,as he draws ever closer? Will her mission to redeem the past turn out to be the key to her future? Or is she about to lose out,all over again?




He watches me. HE waits for me.He wants me dead..  … and yet, he can’t pull the trigger.

Cammie Connors is a successful doctor at a leading hospital in the heart of Sydney.She’s drifted far from her dream of helping terminally ill children and is running a private clinic in a secluded wing of the hospital,taking care of Australia’s most notorious organised crime family,the Russo’s.
There is no escape for her,she owes them her life and they vow to keep her safe for as long she aids them,but as things become heated between the Russo’s and the Moretti’s,they can no longer guarantee her protection.Quickly,the Moretti’s realise Cammie’s worth and she swiftly becomes an easy target for deadly assassin,Stefan Valentino.Stefan Valentino has spent his entire adult life working for the Moretti family.He has their trust,loyalty and respect,and has killed plenty of innocent people to get it.Not once has he missed a shot or bat an eyelid at their requests,until now.He sits on the rooftop of her neighbouring apartment,watching her through the scope of his M24.

He has to pull the trigger.
It twitches around the metal,but never clamps down.That’s the first betraying move Stefan makes against his family and he swears he won’t make another.Can Cammie win the compassion of her assassin and finally leave her life of crime in the shadows,or will Stefan shoot down her hopes and dreams before she gets the chance?



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In a city where someone is murdered almost every day,attorney Michael Abramowitz’s death should be just another statistic.But the slain lawyer’s notoriety and his taste for illicit midday trysts makes the case front-page news in every local paper except the Star,which crashed and burned before Abramowitz did.A former Star reporter who knows every inch of this town from historic Fort McHenry to the crumbling projects of Cherry Hill now-unemployed journalist Tess Monaghan also knows the primary suspect: cuckolded fiancé Darryl “Rock” Paxton.The time is ripe for a career move,so when rowing buddy Rock wants to hire her to do some unorthodox snooping to help clear his name,Tess agrees.But there are lethal secrets hiding in the Charm City shadows.And Tess’s own name could end up on the ever-expanding list of Baltimore dead.



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