The killer strikes in plain sight . . . but you’ll never see it coming.

The mutilation murder of a young college professor paralyzes a tiny Georgian community.This hideous crime is the worst thing small-town pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton has ever seen but only when the autopsy is complete is the intricate,terrible genius of a profoundly twisted psychopath truly revealed.As Sara’s ex-husband Heartsdale police chief Jeffrey Tolliver pursues an elusive fiend,Lena Adams the victim’s sister and the county’s only female detective swears she’ll have her personal vengeance.But their worst fears are realized by the macabre crucifixion of a second local woman: there is a serial slayer in their midst,one whose identity is hidden somewhere in Sara Linton’s secret past.And this killer has no intention of stopping… and will not be stopped.






  1. At your recommendation I read Blindsighted. I enjoy books about smart, strong women doctors (haha) I liked Sara, although I doubt many pediatricians would enjoy moonlighting as coroners for adult murder victims.(that’s why it’s called fiction, of course.) The story moves along at a steady pace and kept me guessing right up until the “perp” was revealed. Some readers may find the assault/murder descriptions too graphic, I found it a little too much information myself. Otherwise, Ms. Slaughter tells a story well and I hope she has some others to discover. thanks for the review.

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