The year is 1967,and the world teeters on the brink of nuclear holocaust as the Cold War goes relentlessly on.On a beautiful spring day in the little city of Holloman,Connecticut,home to prestigious Chubb University and armaments giant Cornucopia,chief of detectives Captain Carmine Delmonico has more pressing concerns than finding a name for his infant son:twelve murders have taken place in one day,and Delmonico is drawn into a gruesome web of secrets and lies.

Supported by his detective sergeants Abe Goldberg and Corey Marshall and new team member the meticulous Delia Carstairs,Delmonico embarks on what looks like an unsolvable mystery.All the murders are different and they all seem unconnected.Are they dealing with one killer,or many? How is the murder of Dee-Dee Hall,a local prostitute,related to the deaths of a mother and her disabled child? How is Chubb student Evan Pugh connected to Desmond Skeps,head of Cornucopia? And as if twelve murders were not enough,Carmine soon finds himself pitted against the mysterious Ulysses,a spy giving Cornucopia’s armaments secrets to the Russians.Are the murders and espionage different cases,or are they somehow linked?When FBI special agent Ted Kelly makes himself part of the investigation,it appears the stakes are far higher than anyone had imagined,and murder is only one part of the puzzle in the set of crimes that has sent Holloman into a panic.As the overtaxed police force contends with small town politics,academic rivalry and corporate greed,the death toll mounts,and Carmine and his team discover that the answers are not what they seem  but then,are they ever?




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