A Driving Cop. A Daring Journalist. A Twisted Killer. Let The Mind Game Begin

One year on,DI Mike Mulcahy is exactly where he wants to be,co-ordinating international intelligence for the Garda National Drugs Unit in Dublin.With Ireland in economic turmoil,he reckons solving the mystery of how a €100 million shipment of cocaine came to be abandoned off the south coast might save his team from the harsh government cutbacks

 Reporter Siobhan Fallon is recovering from her ordeal in The Priest.Struggling to re-establish herself on the Sunday Herald news desk,she’s an emotional basket case but her nose for a story is sharp as ever.When a suicide turns out to have a bizarre missing-persons’ angel,she’s convinced there is something darker to it.But with a vital piece of evidence beyond her grasp,he must turn to Mulcahy for help.Neither of them anticipates what deadly ground they’re setting out on,or that their journey will lead them on a trail of terror to the wilds of West Cork and a blood-drenched showdown with a remorseless killer…



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