On the surface Shaye Townsend has little in common with Tanner.He’s a hard-edged big city cop come home to the historic Davis family ranch to settle his uncle’s estate.She’s working for an environmental conservancy that acquires and protects old ranches and she wants to preserve the Davis homestead.

When the suspicious death of Tanner’s uncle at his ranch throws the two opposites together,tempers flare and sparks fly.While they have trouble seeing eye to eye,Shaye and Tanner agree on one thing:They need to uncover the truth.Combining their unique skills Shaye’s low-key approach and local connections and Tanner’s experience as a homicide detective the unlikely pair share long nights in the pursuit of justice.Before they know it,the friction they generate turns to heat,igniting a love neither ever expected to find.They believe passion this intense cannot last.But when Shaye becomes a killer’s target,Tanner realizes he’d give up anything to protect her including his life.




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