Documents you must have in your car to avoid Nigerian Police palava

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Have you ever been stopped by the Nigerian police while driving and they start asking for documents, and some you have never even heard of? I know the answer is yes. So below is what the police should ask from you and what they are not constitutionally empowered to ask.


All thanks to Halima Ojikutu post on
They are entitled to ask for:
1. Driving (driver’s) License
2. Insurance Certificate
3. Certificate of Road Worthiness (Commercial vehicles only)
They do NOT have the right to ask for:
1. Vehicle purchase documents
2. Proof ownership (except if the vehicle is unregistered)
3. Receipt of plate number
4. ECMR (Enhance Central Motor Registry)
PLEASE check by yourself to confirm, as requirements are subject to change!

So next time you are asked to PARK! please know your right and their limitations

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