A mother’s love is undying… and so is Dane.

Having killed 42 people,Dane Peters a serial killer also known as the Rest Stop Dentist was finally caught and executed by the state of Arkansas.His mother,Ella,watched the execution of her only child then went back to her house in Colorado and attempted to move on.Life after Dane wasn’t easy for the mother of a serial killer,but it got even harder when Ella started seeing and hearing her baby boy.The driving force behind his ghostly return lies buried in their family’s dark past.Was she hallucinating? Going insane? Or was Dane truly haunting her and if so,why? Ella loved her son even after the things he did,so what is the reason behind his harassment of her from beyond the grave? And will she survive itAs Ella desperately seeks a way to lay her son’s troubled soul to rest,she comes face to face with her own failings.If Ella cannot learn why her son has returned and what he seeks,then the reach of his power will destroy the innocent,and not even his mother will be able to stop him.



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