September 10,2001:  As night falls upon an unsuspecting New York City,Allison Taylor’s most pressing concern is braving the rain and the notorious cab drivers to attend a Marc Jacobs fashion show at the Pier.

A recent transplant to Manhattan,Allison is just beginning to make a name for herself in the industry.Little does she know that her reality is about to be dramatically altered or that she will become the target of a sadistic killer.The very next morning,Allison encounters a world on fire.The city is paralyzed with fear and uncertainty in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack that has claimed countless innocent lives and brought down the Twin Towers in a moment of absolute horror that will live on forever.But another evil has struck even closer to home.Allison later discovers her upstairs neighbor,Kristina,slaughtered in her bed. Her murderer has escaped into darkness,and will take full advantage of the ensuing chaos to carry out a sinister plot one that will bring vengeance straight to Allison’s door.




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