Darcy Arlen,a beautiful young American,is dangerously bored.Though she’s on a very pricey tour of Europe,she’s already sick of museums and ruins,and eager for distraction.After slipping away from the group one afternoon,she meets Will,an attractive young drifter who carries about him the scent of true adventure.Will invites Darcy back to the hostel where he’s been staying and introduces her to Justine,his darkly seductive lover and mentor.

Justine,a master of the con,senses a grand opportunity in this amenable blonde.She and Will manage to turn things so that Darcy not only accompanies them to Venice,but finances the trip as well.There they meet Maurice,a shady figure who offers them a job smuggling an important package to Greece.As the threesome travels across Europe toward the island of Crete,what unfolds is an astonishing tale of shifting alliances and shocking betrayals,of sexual obsession and mercenary enterprise,of conflicting passions and fateful choices.When the adventurers finally reach the village of Matala with the package in hand,they learn that what they have delivered is more valuable,and the repercussions of their involvement more terrifying,than they ever could have imagined.




    1. I have read almost all of them.And some of them are recommendations from friends who love and support what i when they recomend a book to me,then i share it with my followers.I am addicted to reading novels especially the kind i blog about.

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