It is February on Broward’s Rock,the resort island off the South Carolina coast,it’s damp and cold and there are few visitors.When Annie is called to go to the home of Gwen Jamison who says that she is afraid of something,Annie finds her shot and dying.                                                                      

Without any proof,the police immediately arrest Gwen’s son,Robert,for her murder.He is a high-school dropout and a rabble rouser.He has been in trouble before,but nothing violent.Though Annie’s husband Max is able to obtain an alibi for Robert from the minister of the local Baptist Church,it’s a mixed blessing Much to the minister’s chagrin, Robert was with his daughter during the time of the murder.This does not completely satisfy the police as some of Gwen’s blood was found in his car as was the gun used to shoot her.The questions still unanswered are: if Robert is innocent,who planted the gun and blood in his car? And where is the fortune of gold coins that has gone missing from a historic house that the Darlings are restoring?



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