Frieda Klein is a solitary,incisive psychotherapist who spends her sleepless nights walking along the ancient rivers that have been forced underground in modern London.She believes that the world is a messy,uncontrollable place,but what we can control is what is inside our heads.This attitude is reflected in her own life,which is an austere one of refuge,personal integrity,and order.The abduction of five-year-old Matthew Farraday provokes a national outcry and a desperate police hunt.And when his face is splashed over the newspapers,Frieda cannot ignore the coincidence:one of her patients has been having dreams in which he has a hunger for a child.A red-haired child he can describe in perfect detail,a child the spitting image of Matthew.She finds herself in the center of the investigation,serving as the reluctant sidekick of the chief inspector.



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