Once A Killer’s Chosen You. . .At first,the deaths seem random.A young Portland couple brutally murdered in a game gone awry. . .a Chicago woman who plummeted to her death from an office building. . .an aspiring screenwriter asphyxiated in his New York apartment.But the macabre souvenirs television reporter Sydney Jordan receives hint at a connection that is both personal and terrifying.The Only Thing You Have To Do. .After events in her own life went wrong,Sydney fled to Seattle with her teenage son.But instead of getting a fresh start,Sydney is plagued by strange occurrences.Someone is watching,someone who knows her intimately. . someone who’s just waiting to play the next move in a twisted game.She is his chosen one.Every murder is a sign,and soon,Sydney will understand why each victim had to suffer and why she’s the next in line. . 




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