Afghanistan veteran Jim Chapel has been enlisted in a new war.This time it’s in his own backyard and even more deadly.A small band of fugitives escapes from a secret upstate New York military facility,leaving a trail of bodies in its wake.Each fugitive has a target an innocent civilian and will not stop until that target has been eliminated.Wounded Special Forces veteran Jim Chapel has been stuck behind a desk rather than out in the field,but medical technology has finally caught up with his ambitions.Coupled with his unstoppable determination,it will take him back to where he thrives: the thick of the action.Drafted into a new war,this time in our homeland,Chapel is tasked with hunting a group of escapees from a top secret military compound all extremely deadly,genetically modified killers and unraveling the mystery behind their existence.Aided by an enigmatic woman named Angel and a courageous,beautiful veterinarian,Chapel begins a cross-country hunt to stop the murders.But are the killers really rogues,or are they part of a sinister conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels?



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