How far would you go to solve a crime against your family?
It is 1965. Leo Demidov,a former secret police agent,is forbidden to travel with his wife and daughters from Moscow to New York.They are part of a “Peace Tour,” meant to foster closer relations between the two Cold War enemies. On the tour,Leo’s family is caught up in a conspiracy and betrayal that ends in tragedy.In the horrible aftermath,Leo demands one thing: that he be allowed to investigate and find the attacker that struck at the heart of his family on foreign soil.From the highest levels of the Soviet government,he is told No,that is impossible.Leo is haunted by the question: what happened in New York? In a surprising,epic story that spans decades and continents from 1950s Moscow to 1960s America to the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980s Leo’s long pursuit of justice will force him to confront everything he ever thought he knew about his country his family,and himself.



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