On the right side of the law. Sort of.

Sebastian Rudd is not your typical street lawyer.He works out of a customized bullet proof van, complete with Wi-Fi,a bar,a small fridge,fine leather chairs,a hidden gun compartment,and a heavily armed driver.He has no firm,no partners,no associates,and only one employee,his driver, who’s also his bodyguard,aw clerk,confidant,and golf caddy.He lives alone in a small but extremely safe penthouse apartment,and his primary piece of furniture is a vintage pool table.He drinks small-batch bourbon and carries a gun.Sebastian defends people other lawyers won’t go near: a drug-addled, tattooed kid rumored to be in a satanic cult, who is accused of molesting and murdering two little girls; a vicious crime lord on death row; a homeowner arrested for shooting at a SWAT team that mistakenly invaded his house. Why these clients? Because he believes everyone is entitled to a fair trial,even if he,Sebastian,has to cheat to secure one.He hates injustice,doesn’t like insurance companies,banks,or big corporations; he distrusts all levels of government and laughs at the justice system’s notions of ethical behavior.





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