Arthur Cathcart was living the good life,working as a freelance market researcher and sometime finder of missing people and adoring his gorgeous and successful insurance exec (the book is set in Connecticut) wife.Then one day,he comes home to horror: a gunman threatening to kill them both if Florencia doesn’t give written answers to some mysterious questions.She does; the thug kills her anyway and blasts Arthur,too.He goes into a coma and comes out damaged emotionally and physically,but vowing to find the SOB who has ruined everything.But first,he has to disappear off the grid as well,at least as far as anyone can tell.With the help of his physician sister who declares him dead at his request,a casino worker who becomes his close ally,a grumpy newspaper reporter, a retired cop and a bunch of hilariously drawn Bosnian criminals in Hartford,not to mention some really evil evildoers,Arthur finds out some inconvenient truths and enacts a most satisfying revenge.



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