Imitation is the deadliest form of flattery . . .

After a messy break-up,Allie Jones finds herself living alone in her New York City apartment,no one to share her bed with-and more urgently,no one to share her rent.The solution seems clear: she needs a roommate.And Hedra Carlson seems perfect-she’s shy,quiet…safe.But soon Hedra’s disturbing envy of Allie’s looks and social life becomes unsettling.She wears Allie’s clothes,even buys a wig in Allie’s color and style.Then the obscene phone calls begin,Allie’s credit cards vanish,and she discovers Hedra is living a dangerous double life and far worse.For Hedra’s twisted admiration has no limits,the nightmare has just begun,and there will be a bloody price to pay. 



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