Small-town sportswriter Paul Mallory doesn’t need much to keep him happy: Red Stripe beer, H. Upmann cigars,and enough money to put down a few bets at the track every so often will do the trick nicely.He likes his quiet,undemanding life in upstate New York,and he really likes his quiet and undemanding girlfriend Pam.Maybe he even loves her.What Paul doesn’t like is travel,complications,and most of all,responsibility for the welfare of others. But when his insatiable curiosity along with a propensity for showing off gets the better of him one fine June day,he has to leave his old life and Pam behind to take on a lucrative new job;a job he never really wanted in the first place.Then,on his very first assignment with the mysterious Cramer Press Syndicate,Mallory immediately finds himself in the spotlight at a Russian handball tournament and must decide whether to become personally involved in the biggest story he’s ever covered putting both his career and his life on the line in the process.Whatever he does, he’ll never be the same again.




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