What Makes them *Special*

A Person A World

The doctor declares it’s a baby girl.

Mom cries out of joy, she always wanted a baby girl. She wanted a baby girl who she can dress up pretty in frilly frocks with pretty bows.

Dad probably had no expectations or even if he did, nobody ever knew. Nonetheless it was Dad who came to rescue each time – baby girl disappointed her mom. All the times baby girl turned out to be a surprise poor mom couldn’t handle,Dad stood by baby girl instinctively knowing and unflinchingly believing in her, even in times when she seemed a total mess, standing her ground fiercely fighting her own childish battles against the norms, he had the wisdom to know – his nonjudgmental unconditional love,support and guidance was all that she needed to bloom,to grow and be happy. He never for once tried to make her fit, curb her flight of thoughts or…

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