To have and to hold from this day forward..Darren McLaughlin thinks he’s having a nightmare as he watches his wife, Lilly,being abducted from a gas station in Chandler, Arizona. Things then go from bad to worse,when it’s revealed that her captor is one of the students she taught at a local high school.
For better or worse? In Manhattan,US Attorney Aaron Eicher cringes upon learning the identity of the man who abducted Lilly McLaughlin.Nick was the one thing holding his case together against the son of Russian crime boss, Viktor Sarvydas but now his star witness was on the run,and in mortal danger.It is just the latest surprise in a case that went against everything he’d learned in school when it came to the Russian Mafia.Seeking refuge in Israel,fleeing the fallout of his son’s arrest,Viktor Sarvydas smiles when he learns the news about Nick.He knows that it’s now just a matter of time before he comes face to face with the man who was going to testify against his son.With the FBI, media, and dueling Russian assassins in a cross-country race to get to Nick and Lilly,it becomes clear that the only one who can truly save them is Darren. Will he get to them first, or will…death do us part?



GENRE: Thriller


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