Millie Graff,a New York restaurateur is followed home from work by a man who forces her into her apartment. He gagged and sexually violates  her,tortures and then skinned her alive.She is found with her hand wrapped around a silver cross on a necklace.Catching the killer is the priority number one and only the best will do-that means Frank Quinn.Quinn and his associates follow the path of the killer known as ‘The Skinner.And Quinn wouldn’t want it any other way.Because he recognizes the victim.Years ago,as a homicide detective, he saved her young life.Now the hunt is on,and deep in his gut,Quinn welcomes it.He knows he’s seeing the work of a truly twisted serial killer.Except it’s not the ritual weapon that makes this killer so disturbing. It’s who he kills-and how he makes them suffer.



GENRE: Thriller,Fiction,Suspense


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