Thanks to all the book addicts like myself who has nominated me for The Leibster Award especially to the Poppyseed Bee and Okschultz I am humbled and honoured for taking time to constantly viewing my blog.I recommend my follower’s to to check out their blogs. 

How I Started: I have always been looking for a platform to share my thoughts,ideas,inspirations and most importantly books to people who love the same things as me.So a friend introduced me to wordpress and on that same day,i started blogging and that was september 2014.One of my favourite posts which i entitled What Makes You Think You Know Me has been massively viewed and has generated 64 comments since December 29th,2014.Surprisingly,i started without expecting this much.I must say i haven’t regretted it at all.I have met people on this platform who has imparted a lot in my life without them knowing and for that i’m very grateful.I have gotten to know a lot of great new authors that i did not know of.In short,i am so thrilled to have met bibliophiles and book bloggers,inspirational blogs and all the wonderful bloggers who follows me.

My Advice: To the new bloggers,be true to yourself and write things that you are passionate about and can have impact on others.Follow other’s,leave comment when it’s necessary.Have time to reply comments on your posts.Forget about stats.If you have just three people checking your blog everyday because you are having positive effect on them it is so much better than thousands following you because they want to be followed.Don’t try to keep up with other.If you can post a single topic in three days,do so.Don’t feel pressured,take things easy.Feel like you’re writing in your diary or journal.

My Nominees:  a} Bookowly @

b} Jessica Manuel

                          c} Damyarti

                          d} Yoshiko

                          e} Tasha

                          f} Cicampell2013

                          g} Resa

                          h} Louise Fowler

                          I} Persia Karema

                           j} Joshua Nkoom

                          k} Jewel @

                           L} Jsm

                          m} Georgina Cromarty @


                          o} Anna

If you have been nominated and have posted it already,then don’t bother doing it again.

Have a wonderful day.




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