Take One Deranged Killer. Add One Determined Cop. You Get One Deadly Obsession. . .

From the moment he sees the young woman’s body in a bathtub in her Marriott Airport hotel room on the outskirts of Evansville,Indiana , homicide detective Jack Murphy knows he’s looking at a truly demented but brilliantly designed puzzle. She’s been drained of blood. Missing her left hand and her eyes.Her tongue has been cut out and stuffed in the tub drain where she is found floating in blood  and the killer left a special message just for him. Hours later, he sees her severed hand arranged on a second victim’s body. The newspaper has the gruesome details. The FBI has a theory. But only Murphy knows how hard he’ll have to push and how much he’ll have to risk to thwart the killer’s twisted game. 



GENRE: Fiction,Thriller


4 thoughts on “THE COLDEST FEAR

  1. This sounds like such a fine novel. cant wait to read it! i am new on wordpress and came up with my first post only a few a few days back. i was hoping you could give it a quick look and give me an unbiased opinion on it? i would appreciate it alot

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