Twelve years ago, the remote Yorkshire village of Dendale was purposefully flooded in the creation of a reservoir.As most of the villagers moved to the next town, three young Dendale girls went missing. No bodies were ever found, and the best suspect, a strange lad named Benny Lightfoot, was held for a time, then released. A plump, dark-haired girl named Betsy was the only child who escaped the attack and said it was Benny who grabbed her. But he escaped so cleanly, even Detective Dalziel couldn’t find him.The ruins of Dendale have begun to reappear in the reservoir and the child-snatching has started again.Dalziel, older, wiser, and more caustic, is determined to get his man this time. But his partner Peter Pascoe soon has a life and death problem with his own daughter distracting him. Now, as the threads of past and present wind tightly into a chilling mosaic of death and vengeance, a drowned valley begins to yield up its secrets of bones, memories, and desire until the identity of a killer rests on what a small child saw and what another, now grown, feared with all her heart to remember.



GENRE: Mystery, Thriller


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