Bowers is called from his home in Colorado to North Carolina to assist in identifying and ultimately stopping a serial killer. He had been assigned to similar cases in the past, but never to one where the killer is always one step ahead of the FBI crew. The killer is aware that Bowers has been called in on the case, even calling Bowers to identify himself as “The Illusionist” with self-proclaimed powers of misdirection, control, and meticulous planning. Although Bowers works well and cooperates with the forensic scientists and profilers on the case, he feels he must use his own unique, often unorthodox, investigative approach. Unlike the others on the team, he is interested in precisely when and where the crime occurred. He believes the significance of the crime’s time and location are important to the killer and thus to capturing him  Bowers faces quite a few dangerous situations in order to try to save the lives that the Illusionist has chosen for elimination including his own and that of his daughter Tessa.



GENRE: Thriller

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