A young couple have been brutally murdered in their home in a quiet suburb of Dublin and the Murder Squad want to pass on it; they can see this case is a dog. Inspector Jack O’Neill thinks it’s a dog too but with his personal life in a mess and nothing to lose he takes it on anyway and soon wishes he hadn’t. A suspect is quickly found for the killings and Jack thinks that maybe this one will be easy after all; until he screws up and both the suspect and another young couple go missing. Jack’s career is on the line and he must follow a trail of clues from a madman’s Journal to save the young couple before they too are murdered. But nothing is ever as it seems and soon Jack is floundering in a sea of lies and deceit where his case becomes a personal contest between the detective and a murderous maniac. A contest where life is the prize and the consequences of failure are unthinkable.



GENRE: Mystery, Suspense, Detective

Recommendation: http://www.amazon.co.uk  > …  >  Mystery



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