Rookie cop Tommy Boyd learns the hard way that those who wear badges can be as ruthless as those they hunt ,when he is taken under the wings of Captain Ty Reeves, a self-proclaimed “Destroyer Among Destroyers.” Reeves is eager to teach his new rookie that the rules don’t apply to his division, the coveted SIS: Special Investigation Section. This is the section of the Las Vegas Metro Police with the most arrests, the most convictions, and the most officer-involved shootings in the history of the city.

Tommy sees that Reeves uses his badge with a fearlessness and fury to destroy those whom he has deemed a threat. SIS is well-protected and lucrative for those that play along. Those that don’t, however, are seen as no better than the criminals they chase. When a woman who knows too much comes into Reeves’ sights, Tommy must make the choice between protecting her or Reeves and SIS. Stuck in the middle between his duty and the corruption and violence of SIS, Tommy must choose which side of the line he’s on. But if he makes the wrong choice, he may not be around long enough to regret it.



GENRE: Detective, Crime, Thriller

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