In 2006, the Blum family were brutally killed in their home. Detective Jon Stanton worked the case but was never able to turn up enough to make an arrest. Now, having left the San Diego PD, he still keeps the Blum file in his home. A man facing life in prison is willing to confess to several murders of adult film stars over the last decade in exchange for a deal with the District Attorney’s Office. He claims he also killed the Blum family but insists he will only confess to Jon Stanton. Pulled into a world he thought he left behind, Jon Stanton will face the man he has sought and hated  for years.The Blum case eats at Stanton in a way no other case has. Faced with the possibility of bringing closure to the families of all the victims, he must decide if he is willing to enter the darkness of the human mind one last time.



GENRE: Serial Killer, Crime, Thriller

Recommendation: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Porn-Star-Murders-Victor-Methos/dp/…

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