Cosimo's Room By Tony Clark

The murder of a disabled woman in an overgrown copse and obstruction by police colleagues motivates Detective Inspector Laura Baxter as never before. A conspiracy by influential people surrounds the planning approval for a hotel on the murder site, and the victim had important information to give Laura the day she died. Jean Easton was last seen alive in Cosimo’s Room, under which there could be sixteenth-century building remains. The remains could extend deep into the copse where the hotel will be built.



GENRE: Crime, Detective, Mystery

Recommendation: > … > Mystery, Thriller  & Suspense > Women Sleuths


Thieves Gate By Tony Clark

A rock musician is missing, and a bungled company fraud has not been fully investigated, although the crimes are linked. The CEO may have committed both crimes. He was sacked but not charged. He is constantly threatened by people who could lose their jobs.

After her success in the case known as Cosimo’s Room and others, DI Laura Baxter expects to be promoted. She takes over both new cases but feels weakened by the mistrust between colleagues, and frightened as never before of influential people who are hiding the truth. Her lover stops coming, worried by allegations of police corruption. Matt Hoyle was hired to investigate fraud and theft in the company. Laura is suspicious of Hoyle’s movements after the CEO’s mother is found dead. The village of Ransoms frightens her. Which gate leads to the truth? Who is trying to kill them? Laura and Matt piece together evidence of the musician’s disappearance in the village, where there is a link to possible drug trafficking by the company and the fraud.

The murdered woman’s husband is not demented as claimed, and the unlikely becomes the probable in Laura’s mind when a complex modern painting shows the gate used by thieves and the murderer.



GENRE: Thriller, Crime, Mystery



Lethal Touch By Tony Clark

When a racing yacht is found abandoned off the Cornwall coast, with only the skipper’s brutalized body on board, suspicion spreads through the town. Crewman Lobb and all the other crew members are unaccounted for, including a celebrity tennis star and Kate, the owner’s fiancée, who have seemingly disappeared.

Once ashore, the owner finds evidence that the yacht had been fitted with explosives, and that Crewman Lobb had left the stricken yacht while the others slept. Sightings of Lobb since the sinking lead police to wonder  could he be planning further killings? Links between the group surface, as it comes to light that Kate manages the hotel which is the venue of a major tennis and golf centre. Financial crimes committed in the luxury resort hotel mean that the Cornwall Police had already been searching for Kate, but when private investigator Hoyle and the police realize the seriousness of the murders, bombing threats, angry employees and threats from powerful people, it becomes clear that everyone is placed in increasing jeopardy. As the death tally builds and Kate makes a secretive return, the police are forced to face the growing list of suspects, and decide who had the lethal touch for murder.



GENRE: Mystery, Crime, Suspense Thriller

Recommendation: > … > Thrillers & Suspense > Crime > Murder


Kill Plan By Eva Hudson

A young American trader is found fatally poisoned in his office in the City of London. Two days later, a Latvian immigrant is discovered floating face down in the River Thames, brutally murdered. When Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg, the FBI’s criminal investigator in London, starts to dig, she uncovers an unlikely link between these two cases via the murder of a congresswoman in Savannah, Georgia. In the course of her investigations, Ingrid puts her own safety at greater risk than she ever has before. The problem is, she doesn’t even know just how much danger she’s in. With little help from either her colleagues within the embassy, or the local police, Ingrid is running out of time to piece together the seemingly disconnected clues to track down the killer before he strikes again.



GENRE: FBI Thriller

Recommendation: > Eva Hudson > … > Crime Fiction > Serial Killers


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