Charley Sloan thought it was all behind him,his carrer,his wife,his drink problem. There are no glamorous women,no exotic holidays and no flashy cars. The life he once lived has become a vague memory. Now he’s just Charley,sobriety with a rented studio and an old Ford Escort and a regular at a local AA meetings. Life was lonely without booze,but it was stable. That is until the arrival of an expensive looking client in his shabby lawyer’s office.

Robin Harwell,a sweetheart from High School with a favour to ask and $20,000 to pay for it. Defend her step daughter? No easy task when charge is murder,the victim ,her husband and the defendant has already confessed. Angel,the rich little girl with celestial looks and a dead father’s blood on her hands.Innocent child,cool headed killer or completely psychotic? She propably needs a magician more than a lawyer. Apart from the scandalous case they are facing,Robin and Angel seen to be coping well without Harrison Harwell. Their primary focus is on selling the shipping empire he left behind and making sure Angel doesn’t wind up on jail.

Family feuds, secret sexualities and missing records add to the pressure Charley is under. This is the one chance he has to restore his nbut he knows he has to take a risk and fight dirty if he wants to win. With the publicity machine revving,the District Attorney prosecuting and the temptation to reach for the bottle growing, Charley must prove there’s a shadow of doubt or else he’s sunk forever.

Why have they chosen Charley and what are they hidding?

Genre: Thriller, Legal thriller

10 Replies to “THE MURDER CHARGE”

    1. I like John Grisham as well. I have most of his books recommended on my page and since u’re going to search through, you will find the. And I can assure you will like this one as well.

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