The art of watching other people get what you want and being okay with it knowing that your turn will come or it won’t and it will still be okay.


Let Heaven and Nature Sing

I was having a conversation with a lovely and very pregnant friend the other day. We were talking about her pregnancy and how much she is anticipating the arrival of her little man even more now after going through a terrible loss last year. She’s also just sick of being pregnant but that’s beside the point. During the grieving process last year, she watched a couple other people become pregnant or give birth to happy, healthy babies and you know what? It’s easier said than done to watch other people get almost exactly what you want; not just get what you want, but get it very (seemingly) easy. It’s also easier said than done to not only watch them, but to celebrate them. I said something along the lines of “Learning how to lose well makes the wins even that much sweeter.”

So, that all got me thinking about not only…

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The Lawyer By Alex Foster

( what Happens When The Law Becomes Your Enemy )


David Mayson is a rising star, Senior Associate and on track for partnership in the global law firm Knight, Blackmore and Emmerington LLP. His biggest client, Euroskybus, is pitching to win a multi billion-dollar deal, the largest in the aviation history. The competition is Baring Aviation Group and they will do anything to win this deal.

In the world of high-octane corporate law, all gloves are off. In a web of corporate espionage, Mayson faced with a major dilemma: either pay a hundred million dollar bribe and risk getting caught; or lose his client, partnership and possibly his career.

No one said being a corporate lawyer easy…

Genre: Legal thriller, Corporate espionage
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