Too many infant boys of Palm Beach gentry are dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( SIOS ) through July 24, 2016. Only obstetrics nurse, Casey Jason, is suspicious. Al Warner, Crack Miami Homicide detective, is inactive, languishing on medical leave from a deadly shootout with the Angel of Death. He’s in the best physical condition of his life, but is struggling to convience the Department’s shrink he is not suffering from PTSD.

Warner meets Casey at a local pub. They are attracted to each other, but misreading the other’s body languages, remain reserved. Learning of the SIDS deaths from Casey, Warner concedes its sounds more than coincidental, agreeing to help investigate, hoping romance develops later.

Danny O’Brien, a resident doctor and Casey’s bestfriend, is researching the deaths and coming to a stunning conclusion. Casey stubbornly continues her quest for a culprit for these SIOS deaths. Using Danny’s notes, she leaves Warner a message, and then follows her suspect deep into the Everglades.

Getting Casey’s message, Warner races after her, sure she put herself in danger. But unlike Casey, who had an unwitting guide, he is uncertain where to look. Casey’s obssesion tangles her in mortal danger. Only Warner can save her, if he can figure out where she went, and get there in time.

Genre: Thriller
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