What Are Your Thoughts On Genetic Modified Foods ( GMO ) ? 

If it was left with I alone, anything that has to do with GMO will be banned like food crops,animals and any kind of production of sort. Why can’t we allow nature to take it course? We as a world are dealing with so many diseases that sometimes we don’t know where they came from. Now that Russia has banned all export and halted production, I hope my country Ghana does the same. 

What is wrong with us at all? 

“GMO ban expands in Russia as Putin halts all production and imports” – http://wp.me/p3bMSz-4qj

14 Replies to “What Are Your Thoughts On Genetic Modified Foods ( GMO ) ? ”

  1. We have been interfering with animal breeding since forever – all domesticated animals have been genetically modified. Wheat and oats have also been crossbred to be more easily digested, disease resistant and productive and bear little resemblance to the original wild varities. Golden rice is a project that set out to add vitamin A to rice – a staple crop in many countries – so that many children around the world wouldn’t be subjected to blindness, which has surely got to be a good thing?
    However, the activities of Monsanto in the US which has patented GM crops to only respond to its own weedkiller Roundup, which is very expensive, has highlighted a darker side to the whole issue and there are real concerns as to the robustness of some of the modern varieties and the fact we are losing genetic diversity if some of the these crops escape into the wild populations – a major concern here in the UK, which is a very small country.
    I also would be very cautious about regarding Putin as any kind of role model – he is attempting to whip up xenophobic feelings in Russia against other countries, particularly the West, to tighten his increasingly autocratic control and use trade as a political weapon.


    1. You are absolutely right Sjhigbee, Do you think time will come that we can do away with all these interferences because there’s always a positive and negative side to everything.

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      1. No… I don’t there will be, sadly. I’ve recently become vegetarian as I don’t like the way animals are raised as mere commodities for our consumption. But I also understand that isn’t an option for many people worldwise who don’t have the alternatives available that we have here.

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  2. If we want to ban GM foods, then we need to stop breeding so much. Much of what GM food does is to create more food per acre.
    This isn’t a fact I like, but it’s a fact.

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      1. Why wouldn’t you? What are the health effects? The reality is we’ve been eating GM for decades.
        There’s a couple of other things too, the west buy food from poorer countries because we have the money to, leaving these countries with unaffordable food prices, causing starvation. The only way to feed the whole world is to grow more food. How do we do that?
        Don’t get me wrong, GM food is not a proposition I like, but it’s a reality we have to face if we are to feed the whole world. Not just the greedy West. There’s not enough resources on this world for us all, that’s a known fact.


          1. So do the poor countries. Unfortunately the human race has done this to itself. It’s an overpopulation issue rather than a GM food issue.
            This is a good discussion, thanks for starting it ☺

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