( Shocking And Powerful Account Of The Destructive Forces That Drove Diane Downs, A Beautiful Young Mother, To Shoot Her Three Young Children In Cold Blood )


When Diane Downs and her three children shot on a quite,county road,residents of Springfield, Oregon, were frightened.A busy haired stranger had flagged down their car,Diane told the police,as she described how the man had coldly opened fire on her sleeping children.Despite the fact she shot,too,the young mother managed to drive to the hospital in time to save all but one child.But something about her story was fishy,and detectives began to suspect Diane was lying.

Was it possible that she was the shooter? Absolutely not,her supporters insisted. Diane,they said, adored her children. When investigators suggested a motive,Diane was indignant. Not only would she never harm her own children, she certainly would never do it for the reason detectives suggested. Was the attractive blonde the wonderful mother she claimed to be? Or was she a woman so obsessed,she would kill her own young to do her goal?

Genres: Mystery,True crime,Murder,True story,Non-fiction,Mystery-crime
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