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{ a} Never discuss your problems with everyone, 20% will not care and 80% will be glad that you have them.

{b} Life is similar to a boxing game. Defeat is not declared when you fall down. It is declared when you refuse to get up.

{c} It is always the wrong people who teach the right lesson in life. That is called life experience.

{d} Everything is valuable only on two occasions: [1] Before getting it and [ 2] After getting it

{e} Two places are most valuable in the world: [1] The nicest place is to be in someone’s thoughts and [ 2 ] The safest place is to be in someone’s prayers.

{f} Fear has two meanings: [1 ] Forget everything and run and [2] Face everything and rejoice. The choice is ours.

{g} EGO is the only requirement which destroys any relationship. Be a bigger person,skip the ‘E’ and let it ‘GO’.

{h}As long as we do not forgive people who have hurt us, they occupy a Rent-Free space in our mind.

{i} I asked God: If everything is already written in destiny, then why should i pray? God smiled and said: I have also written ‘ Conditions Apply’.

{j} Empty pockets teach millions of things in life. But full pockets spoil us in million ways.

{k} Trust is like a sticker. Once it is removed, it may stick again but not as strong as it holds when you first applied.

{l} Never win people with arguments. Rather defeat them with your smile. Because people who always wish to argue with you, cannot bear your silence.

{m} Memories are always special. Sometimes, we laugh by remembering the days we cried and sometimes we cry by remembering the days we laughed. That’s life.



I can see you’re disappointed
By the way you look at me
And I’m sorry that I’m not
The woman you thought Id be

Yes, I’ve made my mistakes
But listen and understand
My mistakes are no worse than yours
Just because I’m a woman

So when you look at me
Dont feel sorry for yourself
Just think of all the shame
You might have brought somebody else

Just let me tell you this
Then well both know where we stand
My mistakes are no worse than yours
Just because I’m a woman

Now a man will take a good girl
And hell ruin her reputation
But when he wants to marry
Well, that’s a different situation

Hell just walk off and leave her
To do the best she can
While he looks for an angel
To wear his wedding band

Now I know that I’m no angel
If that’s what you thought you’d found
I was just the victim of
A man that let me down

Yes, I’ve made my mistakes
But listen and understand
My mistakes are no worse than yours
Just because I’m a woman

No, my mistakes are no worse than yours
Just because I’m a woman



In January 1889,Louisa Collins,a 41-year-old mother of ten children,became the first woman hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol and the last woman hanged in New South Wales.Both of Louisa’s husbands died suddenly.The Crown was convinced that Louisa poisoned them with arsenic and, to the horror of many in the legal community,put her on trial an extraordinary FOUR tIMES in order to get a conviction.Louisa protested her innocence until the end.

Much of the evidence against Louisa was circumstantial.Some of the most important testimony was given by her only daughter,May,who was just 10-years-old when asked to take the stand.The historical context is also important: Louisa Collins was hanged at a time when women were in no sense equal under the law except when it came to the gallows.Women could not vote or stand for parliament or sit on juries.There were no female politicians and no women judges.Against this background,a small group of women rose up to try to save Louisa’s life,arguing that a legal system comprised only of men male judges,all-male jury,male prosecutor,governor and Premier could not with any integrity hang a woman.the tenacity of these women would not save Louisa but it would ultimately carry women from their homes all the way to Parliament House.Less than 15 years after Louisa was hanged.Australian women would become some of the first in the world to get the vote. they would take seats in State parliament,and in Canberra they would become doctors,lawyers,judges,premiers even the Prime Minister.



GENRE:True Crime  Story,History & Crime

From the Author,CAROLINE OVERINGTON : My hope is that Last Woman Hanged will be read not only as a true crime story but as a letter of profound thanks to that generation of women who fought so hard for the rights we still enjoy today.’


Parish & Richards are given the case of a gifted boy murdered on the fourteenth green at the local golf course;Richards is also trying to find out if a 1966 diary that she bought at a car boot sale,and written by a captive 15 year-old girl called Loveday,is genuine.Stick and Xena are working to solve the case of a young woman’s thawing body found in a wood.Jerry Kowalski is back,and she becomes involved in the trial of an architect who is accused of murdering his wife.His barrister is going to get him acquitted, but Jerry has a feeling the architect is guilty,and asks Bronwyn for her help.



GENRE: Suspense,Law Enforcement,Crime


No mechanic can repair breaking news.

No matter how tall you are,you can never see tomorrow.

Whatever your weight,your steps can’t break the ground.

Even if you have millions of cars,you still have to walk to your bedroom.

Being the best swimmer doesn’t make you a fish.

The whitest man on earth still has a black shadow.

The strongest man on earth can never carry a mountain.

The smartest assassin on earth can never kill the devil.

No matter how smart a police is,he can never catch the air.

No matter who you are,you still and always will need God in your life and we need each other ( God’s creation ) to survive.Life’s too short,so make time to serve your Creator and love Humanity. Stay Humble and Stay Blessed.