small Sacrifices by Ann Rule

( Shocking And Powerful Account Of The Destructive Forces That Drove Diane Downs, A Beautiful Young Mother, To Shoot Her Three Young Children In Cold Blood )


When Diane Downs and her three children shot on a quite,county road,residents of Springfield, Oregon, were frightened.A busy haired stranger had flagged down their car,Diane told the police,as she described how the man had coldly opened fire on her sleeping children.Despite the fact she shot,too,the young mother managed to drive to the hospital in time to save all but one child.But something about her story was fishy,and detectives began to suspect Diane was lying.

Was it possible that she was the shooter? Absolutely not,her supporters insisted. Diane,they said, adored her children. When investigators suggested a motive,Diane was indignant. Not only would she never harm her own children, she certainly would never do it for the reason detectives suggested. Was the attractive blonde the wonderful mother she claimed to be? Or was she a woman so obsessed,she would kill her own young to do her goal?

Genres: Mystery,True crime,Murder,True story,Non-fiction,Mystery-crime
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A giant tree with the sunlight shinning through its branches in California, USA

Life is a game that has no return match.
Life is not a sprint but marathon.
Life is full of choices so make a choice that impact life positively.

A humble person is the one who remains the same under all circumstances.

The world suffers a lot not because of violence of bad people but silence of good people.

Any tree that beautifies overnight dies early but the one that takes time to beautify lasts.

Man’s greatest enemy is judgment of men.

Don’t allow anyone to walk through your mind with their filthy feet.

Tension is who you think you should but relaxation is who you are.

The beautiful road of I don’t care will lead you to the ugly city of had I known.

You embrace the servant called failure when you refuse to hug the king called truth.

The most unhappy person in life is the one whose mind is filled up with the thoughts and what others think of them.

Is better be slow and sure than to rush and crush.

When you find yourself on the side of the most, you get to pause and show.

A secret told is like a seed sowed, it grows and bears fruits to the ears of many.

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Amazing Penquins

One day, you will lock your door but will not be the one that will open it.

One day, you will wash your best clothes and you will not be able to wear them again.

One day, your best food will be prepared and you will be unable to eat it.

One day, the person that seems to love you most will never dare to come closer to you.

One day, you will be regarded as “That Thing”.

One day, you will isolated in a place called “Grave”.

One day that thing you love most will come your way but you will not be able to give any attention to it.

One day, you will hold your breath and forget to release it.

One day, you will become a defendant before The Chief Judge, God.

One day, you will receive a call that can never be declined.

One day, your name will be called and no one will answer.

One day, the assets you cherished most will be taken by another person.

One day, your deeds on earth will be presented like a CD.

One day, a title will be added to your name “The Late”

One day, that beautiful skin of yours will turn to its original nature – Dust.

One day, you will be given an infinite apartment, either palace or hell.

In summary, take life easy and remember that “life is just an episode”, but it can decide your eternity.



I welcome you all to the new month of AUGUST
A – Ask
U – Until
G – God
U – Unveils
S – Something
T – Tangible

In this new month of August, which is the 8th month, God will Activa8 your destiny.
He will Motiva8 and Stimula8 your helpers.
He will Loca8 you for victory.
He will Associa8 you with favour.
Hw will Elimina8 your worries.
Hw will Frustra8 your foes.
He will Rejuvena8 your life.
He will Eleva8 you.
He will increase your Grea8ness.
He will give you Ultima8 breakthrough And
You will Celebra8 in Jesus name.


Birth is your ~ OPENING STOCK
What comes to you is ~ CREDIT
What goes from you is ~ DEBIT
Death is your ~ CLOSING STOCK
Your Ideas are your ~ ASSETS
Your Bad Habits are your ~ LIABILITIES
Your Happiness is your ~ PROFIT
Your Sorrow is your ~ LOSS
Your Soul is your ~ GOODWILL
Your Heart is your ~ FIXED ASSETS
Your Character is your ~ CAPITAL
Your Knowledge is your ~ INVESTMENT
Your Age is your ~ DEPRECIATION
And Finally : Always remember, God is your Auditor. Have a Perfect Balance Sheet.
Your AUDITOR is coming soon !!!



Hello to you all and i know some of you don’t have enough time to go through my page so i keep getting messages asking my real name and where i’m from. so, i’m taking this opportunity to tell you my full name which is Josephine Osei. Bonsu and i come from Ghana which is in West Africa.

Before 2015 ends, let me say thanks to all my readers and followers who made 2015 very beautiful for me as a blogger. I pray that you will be blessed with a favourable and healthy year ahead.

I wish you all a

Jovial January

Fabulous February

Marvelous march

Awesome April

Meaningful May

Joyous June

Jubilant July

Amazing August

Successful September

Optimistic October

Nurturing November

Devine December

Have a Victorious Year and I hope i’m the first person to wish you all a happy 12 months of 2016. Please don’t forget to check out my new blog


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