We started this year with lots of people but not everyone is alive today not because we are better,holier or perfect but it’s because of a special Grace.We have been blessed to be alive to see next year.Be Thankful,Hopeful,Happy and above all feel Loved because even when you think all is lost that’s when the miracle begins.Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. More Love For Y’ll


I remember the nights when i cry and you keep asking me what’s wrong and i said i’m scared there will come a time that i will not see you again ,and you told me that will never happen because you have nowhere to go but my side.Then one morning you sent me to get you something and i was reluctant to go but you insisted.Not knowing you were leaving me for good.I couldn’t cry and did not talk to anyone about how i felt loosing you.I have always felt i never loved you enough even though i spent every night of those four years by your side.I still miss you and if you were alive today,i will tell you how much i love every second that passes by.I love you big bro. It’s been so many years now but i still remember that faithful Saturday like it was just yesterday.To You My Late Loving Brother Collins Nana Prempeh Agyemang.I LOVE YOU.

What Do You Want For Christmas ?


Sometimes you gotta play the role of a fool to fool the fools who thinks they are fooling you.

I wish They Did

I wish they’d have kept the vacancy laws in the criminal code ,it would have done my heart good to have seen them knock off these Phony Beggars astrological freaks and all Evangelical saw-offs that are in town these days flogging their own interpretation of the scriptures,especially so called healers who cannot even heal an ingrown toe nail.

Appreciate Life

Live life in a moment and in a positive way because not everyone get the chance to live.Some die the minute they are born.Be Grateful