What Are Your Thoughts On Genetic Modified Foods ( GMO ) ? 

If it was left with I alone, anything that has to do with GMO will be banned like food crops,animals and any kind of production of sort. Why can’t we allow nature to take it course? We as a world are dealing with so many diseases that sometimes we don’t know where they came from. Now that Russia has banned all export and halted production, I hope my country Ghana does the same. 

What is wrong with us at all? 

“GMO ban expands in Russia as Putin halts all production and imports” – http://wp.me/p3bMSz-4qj


A meaningful life is not being rich,being popular,being highly educated or being perfect.

It is about being real,being humble,being able to share ourselves and touch lives of others.

It is only then that we could have a full,happy and contented life.

You are PART of a puzzle in someone’s life,
You may never know where you fit.
BUT, someone’s life may never be COMPLETE without you in it.

Never forget Yesterday,
But always live for Today.
Because you never know what Tomorrow can bring,Or what it can take away.