“Dear Twitter: Stop Trying To Make Check Marks Happen”

I totally agree with this writer in the sense that, before they verify someone, they should ask him/her first before going ahead with it. 

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The House By P.M Prior

When Prue Bridgewater first glimpse at the abandoned old house, its was love at first sight. Her husband Ray is not so sure. The property has been neglected for decades, and Ray can’t help wondering why. But with Prue on the brink of a nervous bteakdown, he’ll do it takes to keep her sane, even if it means he has to live there.

Once ensconced in their new home, Prue begins fixing up the place while Ray is away at work. And then a series of disturbing discoveries makes her fear she’s losing her mind. She hears things and sees people who couldn’t possibly be there, and she can’t shake the she’s being watched.

As Prue’s hold on reality begins to disintegrate, along with her marriage, she struggles to tell truth from delution. But things go from bad to worse, and soon not just her sanity, but her survival hinges upon the long-buried secrets of the house.

Genre: Suspense thriller
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