Michelle Alger goes on the run when her secretly filmed tryst shows up on the internet. She has no choice. Not only was her one-night stand with the son of a US senator, but he’s been murdered and she’s the number one suspect. With both the senator and an avenging drug lord on her trail, her life is in danger. There’s only man she can trust. He saved her once, but will he still be her hero six years later?Captain Jeremy Malone and the rest of Delta Squad have the senator’s order: find the mystery woman who killed my son. But to Jeremy, she’s no mystery. Six years ago his team of Green Berets rescued her from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and he’s never forgotten her. His personal and covert mission: find Michelle before anyone else. When he and Michelle do meet again, the sparks are explosive and consuming. They’re also dangerous as hell.Because with each new bit of evidence, Jeremy suspects that Michelle’s innocence may be a ruse a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.

AUTHOR: P. A. DEPAUL                


GENRE: Fiction,Romance, Suspense


Jennifer Parker is in turmoil. Her father is a lawyer who has died inside since her mother left them for someone younger. She goes to school with hopes of joining her father’s practice and becomes a lawyer.However,fate steps in and takes her father from her.So, she heads off to New York with hopes of being something more.Naïve and ignorant, she is framed by a mob boss and that ruined her career before it ever gets started.She starts working for the Morettis the crime family who got her in trouble. She found herself being loved by two different men,one is a politician and the other,a mafia don.With new high enemies of the D.A. Di Silva and a judge, Jennifer faces possible jail time.



GENRE: Fiction,Thriller,Suspense,Romance