How We Stop Human Trafficking For Good?

Human trafficking has been a very serious social issue that has been very difficult to deal with till date. I and some friends have helped some few children from being sold.The children were already being abused in a dehumanizing way that I still can’t comprehend. 

These children were used as bait in catching fishes at sea. How can people be so wicked? It’s sad that because of money, some people are willing to do the unthinkable such as selling a fellow human being. 

Sometimes i wonder what these people are being made of. Whether they have a heart or the blood that runs through their veins are different from the rest of us. And to make it worse, the people who buys them also use them however they want as if they’re slaves. 

I hope a day will come where human trafficking will cease to exist for good and all those involve will pay dearly for it. 

Magda Not for Sale –

What Are Your Thoughts On Genetic Modified Foods ( GMO ) ? 

If it was left with I alone, anything that has to do with GMO will be banned like food crops,animals and any kind of production of sort. Why can’t we allow nature to take it course? We as a world are dealing with so many diseases that sometimes we don’t know where they came from. Now that Russia has banned all export and halted production, I hope my country Ghana does the same. 

What is wrong with us at all? 

“GMO ban expands in Russia as Putin halts all production and imports” –


Hello to you all and i know some of you don’t have enough time to go through my page so i keep getting messages asking my real name and where i’m from. so, i’m taking this opportunity to tell you my full name which is Josephine Osei. Bonsu and i come from Ghana which is in West Africa.

Before 2015 ends, let me say thanks to all my readers and followers who made 2015 very beautiful for me as a blogger. I pray that you will be blessed with a favourable and healthy year ahead.

I wish you all a

Jovial January

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Have a Victorious Year and I hope i’m the first person to wish you all a happy 12 months of 2016. Please don’t forget to check out my new blog



One Last Lesson By Iain Cameron

A young woman is found murdered on the grounds of a rural golf course, leaving Detective Inspector Angus Henderson of Sussex Police with no discernible clues. If that’s not enough, he has other problems to contend with when his girlfriend is injured in a car crash and a local gangster takes an interest in the case and starts beating up suspects. A breakthrough is made when it is discovered that the victim was a model on an adult website. This brings the owners of the website under suspicion, not only because of the business they run, but two of them are also lecturers at the university the victim attended. It’s a difficult case for the DI but it might be his last when his life is threatened by two animals; but only one of them is human.



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A Woman Found Dead In A Farm House By T.J. Brearton

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